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Traffic Spirit is an english version of infamous website traffic bot software – Jingling, which is developed by SpiritSoft Solution a company based in China. Despite having Chinese version it was globally used due to it’s powerful and unique method of driving traffic to your website.

It is somewhat like a traffic exchange network, when you run Traffic Spirit v5.3.3 or Jingling on the background a browser’s window automatically open (which is hidden in background) and auto surfs websites.

It gives you unique IP traffic as who ever uses this traffic software would be visiting your website and reciprocal. Generally people say it’s fake website visitor, however if you look at other way it’s real people visiting your website. It helps you increase your Alexa rank easily as the traffic comes from globally. You can also select

Seeing the demand of the english version of the traffic bot – the developers introduced it in english language just a month back.

So if you’re regular user of the traffic software, kudos – download link for it is available.

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Traffic Spirit Features

  • Well, firstly – the language of the visitor bot is english so you no longer need to do all messes but smoothly run and configure the software according to the requirement.
  • It supports Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista,Windows 7,Windows 8, as well as Windows 10. Presently it don’t support Mac OS.
  • It’s free for forever, no setup charges and provides great support to each of it’s user.
  • It automatically filters tojans and malwares and block all type of viruses to prevent your pc to be 100% safe.
  • Web-based visits principle, the use of the network node regional differences, the randomness of the user, so that the effect of a real and effective access.
  • It runs 24/7 on the background without you to worry of it’s working. Just set it up and get flood of visitors.
  • It allows you to setup custom source of traffic as well as keyword you want it to appear on Analytics.

Traffic Spirit New Interface Overview

  • Running Status: It indicates whether or not the bot is working correctly. If it shows limited or failure then click on that button to fix the issue.
  • Running Mode: It has been divided into Traffic and Points Mode. If you want direct traffic use Traffic Mode in case you want points for any exchange program i.e. AddMeFast then you can use Points Mode.
  • Settings: It lists option of the UI, configuration of system.
  • Numbers: It gets generated automatically by the system itself. Unique ID for all the sites and pages.
  • My Sites: The site you’ve added to generate traffic, you can change in case if any typo.
  • Time: It’s the total amount of time you want visitor to spend on the entire day. If it’s 120 minutes, users would visit your site accordingly.
  • Traffic Today: It shows how much you want and how many visited already.
  • Status: It shows the success rate of the visitor and time spent.
  • Site Control: Allows you to stop/pause/run the campaign.
  • Available Visit Time: It’s configured according to how much load can your pc hold.
  • Number of sites: It shows how many sites added and how many more you can add.
  • Add site: Allows you to add new site.

Traffic Spirit Software Download

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Welcome you to register Spirit member,steps as below:
1, Enter Email 2, Enter Password 3, Enter Security Code 4, Agree Registration Agreement 1, Sign in with email account in the registration 2, Click a link in the activation email 3, Activation email is valid in 24 hours Successful!
Please enter registration information:
Time Zone: (It's convenient for user to use function in the platform and changed after registration)
Email: (Please use your common email and find it if forgot password)
Password: (Please enter password with 4 or 16 length)
Confirm: (Please enter password again)

1, User can't use the platform to do crime action. 2, User can't promote the websites violating state laws. 3, User can't add website without authorization to harass others. 4, User can't install Traffic Spirit without authorization to be idle on Spirit. 5, Top-up amount is determined by user.Platform don't return amount in principle. 6, User needs to keep account information.If any lost due to self,Platform will be responsible for nothing. 7, The platform is secondary for promotion.User needs to evaluate risks,The platform won't be responsible for any risk. 8, The platform will keep secret for all users information and not share with three-party. 9, The platform has authority to block account and website violating rules. 10, Spirit software has full ownership and management right and change agreement at any time as per needs.

Submitting data,please wait...


Traffic Spirit,Make Traffic,Make Free Traffic,Software to Make Free Traffic,Run Ad,Buy Traffic,Traffic Alliance,SEO Software,Webmaster Tool,Website Promotion Tool

Problems below in your Spirit:
Description:User limit Reason:You are only idle on Spirit in three PC with one IP. Solution:Reboot router to change IP or wait for others being offline.
Description:Limited to be idle on Spirit Reason:Number of idling has exceeded max limit. Solution:Register many accounts and be idle on the Spirit.
Description:Internet speed is slow Reason:It can't run task because Internet speed is slow. Solution:Stop other softwares occupied bandwidth or reduce number of sites and traffic in the Spirit.
Description:Not install Flash Reason:It will impact quality of traffic because not install Flash. Solution:Download Flash,Click and download Flash.
Description:Version of IE browser is out of date Reason:It will impact quality of traffic because version of IE browser is out of date. Solution:Download the latest version of IE browser,Click and download IE browser.
Description:Task failed Reason:Because of missing necessary files,Traffic Spirit doesn't work. Solution:1,Pls check if all files extracted to same folder,don't delete any file. 2,Pls check if anti-virus software stopped or deleted spirit.If yes,pls add spirit in the white list of anti-virus software. 3,You need to download the latest Spirit again.
Description:Enviroment error Reason:Spirit config file has been changed or there is a change in the OS enviroment. Solution:Exit Spirit and run it again or reboot OS.
Description:Network error Reason:It can't access to Internet or something wrong in the network line. Solution:Check your PC if can access to Internet.If yes,reboot router in order to change IP,then try again.
Description:Service error Reason:It can't get service support. Solution:Pls contact administrator and visit homepage for contact information.
Description:Too many requests Reason:Too many requests sent from software,it's blocked by server temporarily. Solution:Stop any operation,it will be restored in two hours.
Description:Account error Reason:Account not found. Solution:Check the account if has been registered or wrong password.
Description:No idling on Spirit Reason:Illegal behavior in the account when idle on Spirit. Solution:Login website and check status of account or contact administrator and visit homepage for contact information.
Description:No idling on Spirit with the IP Reason:It bans idling on Spirit in the region in order to improve quality of traffic. Solution:Pls be idle on Spirit with IP in other region.


Traffic Spirit,Make Traffic,Make Free Traffic,Software to Make Free Traffic,Run Ad,Buy Traffic,Traffic Alliance,SEO Software,Webmaster Tool,Website Promotion Tool

Hello,if any question please contact us, Email: [email protected], Skype: [email protected]
Gift: Top up 10 USD for 2 free USD Top up 30 USD for 8 free USD
Top up 50 USD for 17 free USD Top up 100 USD for 40 free USD
Top up 300 USD for 150 free USD Top up 500 USD for Same Amount free
Bonus: V1 Rank Bonus 5% V5 Rank Bonus 25%
V2 Rank Bonus 10% V6 Rank Bonus 30%
V3 Rank Bonus 15% V7 Rank Bonus 35%
V4 Rank Bonus 20% V8 Rank Bonus 40%
Gift: - USD Experience: - Point
Bonus: - USD Rank: V-
Tracking Time Record Type Income Amount(USD) Payment Amount(USD)
2014-12-12 13:12:20 - - -


Traffic Spirit: Faq

Why Spirit detected as virus?Spirit with built-in explorer continues to visit other sites in the background,which is abnormal and detected as virus by security software.But there is no trojan virus in it.It forbids all kinds of dangerous scripts.User could add Spirit in the trusted list. What's meaning of Today Traffic?Today Traffic shows traffic with IP as unit has been used for site visited today,which means how many IP is used for site visited.It also shows how many preset traffic it plans to need today,which means traffic is counted by one day 24 hours. What's meaning of Visit Status?

Visit Status shows a result from site visited.Percentage means a proportion of My Site loaded,the higher proportion,the less missing, more traffic counted reflected speed for page opened.

It will calculate average time for a "My Site" opened,which reflected speed for page opened again.

How to add more sites?

At Most,you could add ten sites in one Spirit,pls be idle on more Spirit with more PC if added more sites.

How to get more traffic?

You could allocate all Available Visit Time to one site in one spirit,all traffic has got into the site.You need to run many spirit with many PC if it's not enough.

How to get more Available Visit Time?

It will allocate amount of time to user as per PC configuration(CPU and Memory) for "Available Visit Time".Traffic is set to get into every site added,which will consume time which is subtracted from "Available Visit Time".User could allocate "Available Visit Time" to many sites to fulfill different requirements. It needs to improve PC configuration(CPU and Memory) or be idle on many PC to get more Available Visit Time.

How many Spirits can be run in one PC?

You only run one Spirit in one PC,pls use more PC if wanted to run more Spirits.

How many Spirits you can run on one IP?

You are only idle on the Spirit in three PC with one IP to ensure traffic quality and no repeat IP.Pls reboot router to change IP or wait for others being offline if any limit.

Why traffic is slow?

Why traffic is slow:

1, Value means total in one day 24 hours what set for "Daily Traffic" is less,which will be less and slow if divided by time bucket.

2, Compress traffic with curve control.

3, Filter out traffic from others with region control.

Why traffic counted is less?

Why traffic counted is less:

1, Pls refer to Visit Status if little traffic counted by Spirit when page speed's slow.

2, Pls not use third-Party Statistics which has unfair rule to deduct and filter traffic.

3, Statistics code(javascript) can't be run with something wrong.


1, Please put statistics code in the head of page for high priority to count traffic.

2, Increase bandwidth to speed page.

3, Improve the traffic released to visit page more.

How to set Traffic Curve in different timezone?

All traffic controlled by curve in all sites would be allocated based on time after chosen timezone you needed in the Spirit Setting,it would be easy to realize same traffic curve in different timezone without changing any data.

How to block and release site?

First of all,it's baned by official to make traffic for others,we will block if any malicious activity!!!

Block Site:1, Pls send email with your own domain to [email protected] for blocking if independent domain.2, Pls directly send email to [email protected] for blocking if public domain like ebay.com,facebook.com,twitter.com etc.3, Pls send email only with site needed traffic.4, There must be independent for domain mailbox,if not,pls apply for free company email from Google.

Release Site: Pls send email to [email protected] for releasing after referred to Block Site.

What's meaning of Traffic Source?

Traffic Source shows where users are from,for example: users search key word in the Google,then click website A from search result which is regard as traffic source for website A.

Traffic Source is an important index to impact quality.Be Serious to set as per business specialty: You can DIY with all type of traffic source in the setting.

Notice:Sites in the traffic source of Spirit is only used for traffic statistics,not be visited.

Which pages are Subpage?

Subpage shows a link be found in the My Site,there must be same domain between link and my site,which called subpage,otherwise it called off-site link.for example,My Site is http://www.tata.com, sites fit subpage condition must begin with http://www.tata.com/xxxxxxxx 

Spirit will visit subpage at random,user don't do any extra setting,propotion of IP:PV is based on number of subpage be visited. 

It's a factor to impact traffic quality for subpage which is visited by Spirit Layer-by-layer,first,from My Site to subpage,then from subpage to others in order.Depth layer is limited by subpage number,more subpage number,more depth layer.

How to use Match-Click?

It searches a link fit condition in the page and simulate mouse to move,click link and open page. 

The important point is to set right Match Characteristics which is a part of link or site title.They are inclusion relation.Spirit would search site and then simulate mouse to move and click based on characteristic only if site included it.

It searches in the page and visits subpage at the same time after visited My Site,which not impact each other.

What's meaning of Pop-up?

Pop-up shows it will pop up some webpage windows after visited My Site and subpage,browser will block these pop-ups by default,you can set if allowed these pop-ups and how many it pops up in the Spirit.

What's use of idling points?

Idling point is used to exchange balance in the memeber center in order to get memeber service and also transfered to another account in order to trade between users.

What's meaning of PV、UV and IP?

PV(page view) refers to a number of pages which are viewed or clicked,which is a measure for visitor volume on the site.To be specific, PV value is that all visitors view how many pages or how many times in one site in 24 hours(from 0 point to 24 point).PV is a times to refresh page,one PV traffic,one page refreshing.

UV(unique visitor) refers to a number of people to visit one site or click one page with different IP.It's only recorded as first visit with unique IP,not recorded for again in the same day.UV provides a index to count visitors during a given time,not total activity in the site.

IP could be understood as visitor with unique IP referring to a number to visit site with unique IP in the one day,regardless of how many pages it visits with same IP,number of IP is 1.If it assumed that there is one IP in two PC,which recorded as one visit.

There is not big difference between IP and UV,in general, UV volume is a little higher than IP,it would be more accurate for each UV corresponding to an actual visitor than IP. 

1, UV greater than IPThe situation could be in the cybercafe,school and company etc,different visitor on the public IP or different kind of browser,then UV greater than IP.

2, UV less than IPBecause of dial-up internet access(ADSL) in most PC of family,IP could be different when one user visits your site in different time,IP will be changed according to time,which called dynamic IP.

Would it be punished by search engine if Spirit used?

Many users are worried about it would be punished by Google if Spirit used,which not be cared.

It would get traffic with statistics code if Spirit used in your site,which has no relationship with Google or other sites,not be punished.

Key word ranking could be optimized with Spirit or clicking traffic,whether it has effect or not,not be punished.

Why webpage will be poped up when being idle?

Sometimes,there are some pop-ups on the desktop when being idle.Spirit doesn't block these bad pop-ups because of insufficient privilege or system vulnerabilities.Pls follow method below if problems liked this. 1, Apply full patches for Windows OS and IE in order to prevent system vulnerabilities not used by bad pop-up.2, Upgrade Flash to the latest version in order to prevent plug-in vulnerabilities not used by bad pop-up.3, Check if there was malware in the OS with safty tool.4, Reboot OS and run Spirit again.

Why CPU Usage is high when being idle?

CPU usage will be high when being idle on Spirit,that's because it visits some sites with high resource usage,pls follow method below if liked this:1, Do nothing first and check if CPU usage would be low later.2, Pls exit Spirit and run it again if CPU usage was high in a long time.3, CPU usage would be high only if run Spirit.It figures out that PC hardward is poor,pls stop other softwares.4, CPU usage would be high only if run Spirit.It can reduce a number of site in the Spirit to lower resource usage.5, Spirit will collect websites with high resource usage automatically and the block.

How to apply friendly link?

Friendly Link Condition:1, PR is equal or greater than 5.2, Website must be legal.3, Link Name:Traffic Spirit, Link:http://www.ipts.com,Pls send email with your name and link if added,we will add your link.4, Email: [email protected]


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