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PDF, RTF, TEXT, HTML controls as VCL, .NET, OCX Control

WPTools® VCL is a suite of native Delphi/C++Builder components to create and edit formatted text.

As Delphi developer You know - the advantages of a true VCL component are hard to beat. A true VCL component can be configured inside the IDE, it compiles directly into the application and does not require any runtime libraries. When the source code is available it is easy to find problems and to enhance the component.

WPTools is a true VCL. It is a word processing VCL which is on the market since 15. January 1996. Since then it was modernized and grew with the capability of the Delphi compiler. Now it is THE state of the art word processing component for Delphi. Licensing is still very affordable, although it already integrates many features in the basis edition, which require expensive add-ons in some expensive ActiveX competing components.

There are no royalties - it is only required that each and every developer is licensed who work in the project. Licenses also may not passed around between developers in the same company.

With WPTools You can impress the end user of Your application, with just a few clicks on your side. Of course WPTools is no "black box" - it is a highly customizable and very powerfulword processing engine.

WPTools 7 supports Delphi 5, 6, 7, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, XE, XE2, XE3, XE4, XE5, XE6, XE7 C++Builder 5, 6, 2006 - Win32. WPTools 7 "PRO" and "PREMIUM" also supports 32 and 64 bit and also C++Builder 2009, 2010, XE, XE2, XE3, XE4, XE5, XE6, XE7 (32 bit, PRO version also 64 bit) . WPTools is much more than a replacement for the Delphi richedit component: The central part is a complete WYSIWYG word processing component which is surprisingly small. In contrast to similar components WPTools supports editable header and footer in its perfect page layout modes, zooming, split screen, tables, also with the possibility of page breaks inside table rows and a powerful CSS like paragraph style concept.

It supports a variety of different character and paragraph attributes, style sheets, numbering and bullets. Plus, it supports bookmarks, embedded images (with text wrap around) and table of contents.

If you need to do mass mailing or to provide your customers with a customizable database view you will enjoy working with the powerful "mail merge" facility. WPTools works with special field objects (start and end markers) which makes it possible to dynamically update the text or to read out selected parts of the document, so it is also possible to use it with forms for data entry.

Link to "Whats New" .

WPTools Version 7 - wordprocessing control for Delphi and C++ Builder

WPTools 7 demo application

Internally the WPTools VCL is based on XML like data structures and is completely object oriented.

The main engine, reader and writer - altogether more than 80% of the source - was rewritten completely after Version 4 to make use of the latest compiler features.The engine of WPTools was optimized for word processing. Unlike some competing products it supports page breaks in table rows. The text loading routines are very fast. The concept also allows it to create reader and writer units for custom formats.Please check out the online version of the manual to get a quick overview over the API.

WPTools includes an interface to add spell checking components. This interface is used by some 3rd party components and also by our own spellcheck addon WPSpell.

Also available: ReportBuilder(tm) Interface (=Report engine by Digital Metaphors).This makes it possible to preview and print WPTools texts which were integrated in your ReportBuilder reports.

Optionally available is support for FastReport and QuickReport 4.

Note: If you use our product wPDF to export your reports to PDF, the WPTools generated output will be exported as text and vector graphics, not as bitmaps.

How do our customers use WPTools ?

Our swiss customer Generali is using WPTools and wPDF to print a very complicated form. The form is based on tables with merged cells and merged rows. It also contains images and narrow fonts. (Screenshot:Complicated RTF form ). A german customer uses WPTools in an advanced medical word processor (Screenshot:Word Processor )

Sample documented with tables - printed by our word processing engine

WPReporter - included in the "Bundle"

The optional WPReporter (included in WPTools Bundle) makes it easy to create lists and tables under program control. The output is based on a template which can be edited at runtime and the data retrieved by an event. Using the new TokenToTemplate conversion it is possible to generate a reporting template from standard text.

Also included in the "Bundle" is a component to add calculation to the WPTools tables. This makes the creation of invoices a breeze. The formulas can use values from other cells which are relatively referenced - so if the user inserts a row into the table the calculation still works.

With the bundle you can also add calculation possibilities to tables.

wPDF + WPTools - a perfect team

Using wPDF you get high quality PDF output. Embedded JPEG images are inserted as the are, without additional de/compression. Images in headers or footers are automatically only inserted one time and used multiple times - WPTools and wPDF work hand in hand. We offer an attractive bundle prince for WPTools + wPDF.

LinksDownloads --- WPSpell --- Example Applications --- Manual --- Reference --- Order --- License

Introduction - Why WPTools?


Feature List - Quick overview to compare different WPTools editions


Pagenumber hints while scrolling Automatically a hint window is displayed when the scrollbar is moved. This halpes the user to find the correct page,. This feature can be switched off and the text can be customized using the global variable WPPageHintStr.


WYSIWYG WPTools will always work in WYSIWYG mode, this means the printed output will always match the output you saw in the editor. Internally WPTools measures the text in a high resolution - so it is printed in a high quality. When printers are changed this does NOT change the word wrap or page breaks!


Create tagged PDF files (with wPDF) Only WPTools has the ability to work together with our product wPDF V3 to create tagged PDF files. Here paragraphs and tables are marked, so the PDF data can be better manipulated and extracted.


Multiview (splitscreen) technology WPTools strictly separates the text data structures from the output logic. This makes it possible to show the same text using an editor and a preview component. Even more impressive it is possible to edit the same text using different editors!


Image Support WPTools supports embedded images. The images can be handled as a character or linked to paragraph or to a page with relative positioning. Text wrapping is possible on left or right side and also on both sides!


File Formats WPTools saves and loads text in ANSI, RTF, HTML/CSS and its own native "WPTools" format. But you can also add custom reader and writer classes or modify the existing classes. The native WPTools format is close to HTML which makes it indexable by indexing procedures which are able to skip HTML tags.


Headers and Footers Headers and footers can be loaded and saved in RTF or WPT format. They can be different for the first, the odd and the even pages. It is also possible to select header and footer using an event - this makes it easy to have multiple headers and footers in one text.


Section Support WPTools can handle text sections. This means there can be different header and footers in the text, also different page sizes or orientation. The WPReporter will create a multi section document if the template contained section breaks.


Different text attributes This component supports the paragraph and character attributes you are used to ... and a lot more. The concept of WPTools 5 allows a consistent support for paragraph styles.


Text styles (stylesheet) The core of WPTools has been optimized to work with styles - it was built from scratch using concepts also used by HTML/CSS


Tables In WPTools tables one cell can contain multiple paragraphs and even other tables. The height of a row can exceed he length of a page since, unlike some competing products, WPTools 5 supports page breaks in table rows.


Repeated header and footer rows Only WPTools has the ability to repeat certain rows of a table at the start and the end of a page. These rows can be used to display life (!) sub totals if you use the calculation feature included in the WPReporter addon.


Sub Paragraphs Just another unique feature of the new WPTools Engine: Texts from different sources can be displayed in one window similar to the display in a TDBControlGrid. This makes it possible to use just one editor to edit text which is stored in multiple data base fields or -records.


Label printing with WPTools WPTools includes a powerful component to print booklets and labels. We also added a form which can be included in your application using only a few lines of code. This label printing tool even loads and saves the definition of the label format to a XML file.


Syntax Highlighting WPTools includes the component TWPSynEditHighlight which has been created to use the SynEdit (http://SynEdit.SourceForge.net) syntax highlighter with WPTools 5. This makes it possible to show the syntax of about 30 different languages, including Pascal, Java c++ and SQL!


External pages and watermarks Unique feature which makes it possible to integrate other pages into the preview/editor pages and are painted in an event. While the text sayes editable the pages are not. This is great to combine reporter output with letters in one preview.


Mailmerge (dynamic update of fields) "Mail Merge" means the automatic update of data fields in any document. It can be used to do mass mailing or to create customizable database record views.<br> With WPTools merge fields are not destroyed by the merge process, the field data can be exchanged as soon as it changes. So it is possible to scroll through a database with a merge letter being "attached".<br> It is also possible to read out the contents of the merge field. So the document can be also used as data entry from. Text can be merged as ANSI, RTF and HTML text. Also images can be updated.


Forms WPTools can be also used to create forms. These are sepecial texts which are generally protected. The user may only edit the text in specially marked areas.


EditBox modes Sometimes you need to create forms with editor boxes resized automatically to match their contents. WPTools 5 can do this for both, the height and the width...


Dialogs are included WPTools comes with a set of dialogs, such as the property disalogs for paragraph indents and spacing, tabstops and borders. There is a dialog to change the page size, to define a numbering style or to create a paragraph style.


Database Connectivity The WPTools editor can be easily used with databases. The mail merge can also load the field data from a database automatically.


Notes for upgrades from WPTools V4 Due to the changed data structures it is not possible to simply replace WPTools 4 with WPTools 5 although we are trying to make the upgrade as smooth as possible....


Versatile Borders and Shading WPTools 6.12 comes with an all new, intuitive and easy to use border dialog. Without leaving the dialog the user can now apply different border and shading properties to single or multiple cells, rows or columns in a table. It is even possible to naviage to a different table.


WPTools was built to be the most powerful word processor available on the component market. In addition, it also works as a HTML editor, offering convenient word processing features, while still working as closely to the HTML document model as possible. But please note that te HTML support requires and import/export algorithm which does not handle all possible features of HTML and/or CSS. The optional WPReporter makes it easy to create complicated documents from templates and data.



wptools 0.2.1 : Python Package Index

Python and command-line MediaWiki access for Humans.

This package is intended to make it as easy as possible to get data from MediaWiki instances, expose more Wikidata, and extend the MediaWiki API just for kicks. We say “(for Humans)” because that is a goal. See our wiki to learn more. Questions, feedback, and especially contributions are welcome!


>>> import wptools

An instance can be initialized by:

wptools.page (self)

  • None: <NoneType>
  • lang: <str> MediaWiki language code (default=’en’)
  • pageid: <int> a MediaWiki Page ID
  • title: <str> a MediaWiki article title
  • wiki: <str> any MediaWiki site
  • wikibase: <str> Wikidata item entity ID

The simplest way to begin is with a title:

>>> f = wptools.page("Flannery O'Connor") Flannery_O'Connor (en) { lang: en title: Flannery_O'Connor }

The default language is ‘en’ (English):

>>> t = wptools.page('穐吉敏子') 穐吉敏子 (en) { lang: en title: 穐吉敏子 }

Leaving off arguments invokes a random lookup in English:

>>> r = wptools.page() en.wikipedia.org (random) None Sylvia_Rivera (en) { lang: en pageid: 3296309 title: Sylvia_Rivera }

If you give only lang, you get a random article in that language:

>>> zh = wptools.page(lang='zh') zh.wikipedia.org (random) None 哈莉特·塔布曼 (zh) { lang: zh pageid: 211070 title: 哈莉特·塔布曼 }

You can also start with a wikibase item:

>>> q = wptools.page(wikibase='Q43303') Q43303 (en) { lang: en wikibase: Q43303 }

Or, another wiki site:

>>> m = wptools.page(wiki='en.wikiquote.org') en.wikiquote.org (random) None Malala_Yousafzai (en) { lang: en pageid: 146817 title: Malala_Yousafzai wiki: en.wikiquote.org }

Instance attributes echo automatically. You can turn that off with silent=True:

>>> r = wptools.page(silent=True)

Request details echo to stderr with verbose=True:

>>> r = wptools.page(verbose=True)

All API entrypoints support setting proxy and timeout (in seconds):

>>> r.get(proxy='http://example.com:80', timeout=5)


Get a representative image:

>>> frida = wptools.page('Frida Kahlo').get_query() en.wikipedia.org (query) Frida_Kahlo en.wikipedia.org (imageinfo) File:Frida Kahlo, by Guillermo Kahlo.jpg|Fi... >>> frida.image('page')['url'] u'https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/06/Frida_Kahlo%2C_by_Guillermo_Kahlo.jpg' >>> frida.image('thumb')['url'] u'https://upload.wikimedia.org//wikipedia/commons/thumb/0/06/Frida_Kahlo%2C_by_Guillermo_Kahlo.jpg/160px-Frida_Kahlo%2C_by_Guillermo_Kahlo.jpg'

Note: A page’s image can come from the pageimage or thumbnail (via get_query()), from an Infobox (via get_parse()), from Wikidata Property:P18 (via get_wikidata()), or from the RESTBase image or thumb (via get_rest()). See the Images wiki page for details.

Get a text (or HTML) extract:

>>> ella = wptools.page('Ella Fitzgerald').get_query() en.wikipedia.org (query) Ella_Fitzgerald en.wikipedia.org (imageinfo) File:Ella Fitzgerald (Gottlieb 02871).jpg|F... >>> print ella.extext **Ella Jane Fitzgerald** (April 25, 1917 – June 15, 1996) was an American jazz singer often referred to as the First Lady of Song, Queen of Jazz and Lady Ella. She was noted for her purity of tone, impeccable diction, phrasing and intonation, and a "horn-like" improvisational ability, particularly in her scat singing. ... >>> print ella.extract <p><b>Ella Jane Fitzgerald</b> (April 25, 1917 – June 15, 1996) was an American jazz singer often referred to as the First Lady of Song, Queen of Jazz and Lady Ella. She was noted for her purity of tone, impeccable diction, phrasing and intonation, and a "horn-like" improvisational ability, particularly in her scat singing.</p> ...

Get an Infobox as a python object:

>>> fela = wptools.page('Fela Kuti').get_parse() en.wikipedia.org (parse) Fela_Kuti en.wikipedia.org (imageinfo) File:Fela Kuti.jpg >>> fela.infobox['instrument'] 'Saxophone, vocals, keyboards, trumpet, guitar, drums'

Note: Getting data from Infoboxen may be unavoidable, but getting Wikidata (via get_wikidata()) is preferred. Wikidata is structured but (sometimes) data poor, while Infoboxen are unstructured and (frequently) data rich. Please consider updating Wikidata if the information you want is only available in a MediaWiki instance so that others may benefit from open, linked data.

Get an (album, book, film, etc.) cover image:

>>> blue = wptools.page('Blue Train (album)').get_parse() en.wikipedia.org (parse) Blue_Train_(album) en.wikipedia.org (imageinfo) File:John Coltrane - Blue Train.jpg >>> blue.image('cover')['url'] u'https://upload.wikimedia.org//wikipedia/en/6/68/John_Coltrane_-_Blue_Train.jpg'

Get wikidata by title:

>>> fry = wptools.page('Stephen Fry').get_wikidata() www.wikidata.org (wikidata) Stephen_Fry www.wikidata.org (claims) Q8817795|Q5|Q7066|Q145 en.wikipedia.org (imageinfo) File:Stephen Fry cropped.jpg Stephen_Fry (en) { cache: <dict(2)> {claims, wikidata} claims: <dict(4)> {Q145, Q5, Q7066, Q8817795} description: English comedian, actor, writer, presenter, and activist images: <dict(1)> {wikidata-image} label: Stephen Fry lang: en modified: <dict(1)> {wikidata} props: <dict(8)> {P135, P18, P27, P31, P345, P569, P856, P910} title: Stephen_Fry what: human wikibase: Q192912 wikidata: <dict(8)> {IMDB, birth, category, citizenship, image, in... wikidata_url: https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Q192912 }

Note: Resolved properties and claims are stored in the wikidata attribute. Wikidata properties are selected by _WIKIPROPS. Properties (e.g. P17 “country”) are stored in props and those properties that have Wikidata items for values (e.g. Q142 for “France”) are stored in claims and resolved by another Wikidata API call (as shown above). See the Wikidata page in our wiki for more details.

Extend Wikidata claims to be resolved:

>>> simone = wptools.page('Simone de Beauvoir') >>> simone._WIKIPROPS['P21'] = 'gender' >>> simone.get_wikidata() www.wikidata.org (wikidata) Simone_de_Beauvoir www.wikidata.org (claims) Q142|Q5|Q3411417|Q859773|Q151578|Q1214721|Q470... en.wikipedia.org (imageinfo) File:Simone de Beauvoir.jpg >>> simone.wikidata['gender'] 'female'

Get special (experimental) lead section HTML:

>>> buddha = wptools.page('Buddha').get_rest() en.wikipedia.org (/page/mobile-text/) Buddha en.wikipedia.org (imageinfo) File:Buddha in Sarnath Museum (Dhammajak Mutra).jpg >>> buddha.lead <img query-thumbnail src="https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons <span heading><a href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gautama_Buddha">Gau... <span snipped><span><b>Gautama Buddha</b>, also known as <b>Siddhārtha G... Gautama taught a <a href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Middle_Way" titl... Gautama is the primary figure in Buddhism. He is recognized by Buddhists... <span metadata>Modified: 2016-10-13T09:44:13Z</span>

Note: The lead attribute contains an assembled stand-alone, encyclopedia-like HTML fragment:

  • <img {kind}> selected image
  • <span heading> wiki-linked title and description
  • <span snipped> lead paragraphs with noprint, reference, etc. snipped
  • <span metadata> available metadata (e.g. modified date)

Get all the things:

>>> jill = wptools.page('Jill Lepore').get() en.wikipedia.org (query) Jill_Lepore en.wikipedia.org (parse) 22469182 www.wikidata.org (wikidata) Q6192915 www.wikidata.org (claims) Q30|Q5 Jill_Lepore (en) { cache: <dict(4)> {claims, parse, query, wikidata} claims: <dict(2)> {Q30, Q5} description: American historian extext: <str(1016)> **Jill Lepore** (born August 27, 1966) is an A... extract: <str(1114)> <p><b>Jill Lepore</b> (born August 27, 1966) ... infobox: <dict(38)> {academic_advisors, alma_mater, alt, author_ab... label: Jill Lepore lang: en modified: <dict(2)> {page, wikidata} pageid: 22469182 parsetree: <str(50677)> <root><template><title>Infobox scientist</... props: <dict(3)> {P27, P31, P569} random: Ramesh Bidhuri title: Jill_Lepore url: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jill_Lepore url_raw: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jill_Lepore?action=raw what: human wikibase: Q6192915 wikidata: <dict(3)> {birth, citizenship, instance} wikidata_url: https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Q6192915 wikitext: <str(22540)> {{Infobox scientist| name = Jill Lepore| na... }

All API queries and results are cached in the cache attribute:

page.cache { claims: {query, response, info}, imageinfo: {query, response, info}, parse: {query, response, info}, query: {query, response, info}, wikidata: {query, response, info} }

The wptools user-agent will look like this:

wptools/<version> (https://github.com/siznax/wptools) <libs>


22492 WPTools 5

Download Details Description

WPTools, a high end WYSIWYG word processing component suite for RTF and HTML/CSS, based on a rewritten core for best perfomance.

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WPTools 5 is a component suite with exceptional WYSIWYG word processing capabilities including multiple paragraph and character attributes, tables, tab-stops, tab-fill signs, borders, paragraph style sheets and numbering, complete header+footer support, bookmarks and references, hyper-links, custom text objects, mail-merge and editable fields, images with text wrap on left and/or right sides.

WPTools 5 is also the ideal tool for writing electronic documents.Create text either in code, or use mail merge or the optional "WPReporter" which adds 'bands' to the mail merge concept.

Only with WPTools can you embed external pages into the text flow.This helps to create a consistent user interface.Thus you can use the powerful preview to display the text and theoutput from your existing reporting tool.

The WPTools rendering engine can be created and used with no needfor a TForm object - optional threadsave operation is possible!

WPTools 5 is extremely fast when loading and saving RTF, ANSI,HTML/CSS and its own WPT format (similar to HTML) - see for yourself.

Top 10 features which distinguish WPTools 5 from the competition:

- Page layout view with WYSIWYG editing of header and footer texts- Fast zooming and scaling + multi-view capability (ie. split screen feature)- Section support: Different page sizes and header/footer in one doc.- WYSIWYG printing in high quality (no reformat upon printer change!)- Hyper-links, nestable bookmarks and references- Attribute inheritance: character attributes are read from character,preceding "" tags, paragraph or parstyles - in this order.- Elegant object design (TParagraph class, data block collection)- Label component, implemented as TGraphic control (without window)- Supports movable images - text wrapping possible on both sides.- Powerful mailmerge, easy to use and extendable with "WPReporter" touse not only fields, but also bands with an efficient template designer.

Customer Quote: "WPTools5 is an amazing set of components, and theperformance is nothing short of awesome! In our application, we wereable to generate over 230 pages of text in under a second - on the slow computer!"

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Welcome to WPTools Version 8

Welcome to WPTools Version 8

Welcome to WPTools Version 8

WPTools a suite of components with a combination of word processing and preview features you will not find available in any other single component package. Version 5 introduced an entirely new RTF Engine. This makes it much easier to work with the paragraph text and offers an object-oriented approach whenever such an approach is beneficial. Now WPTools 7 is available. It is built upon a further enhanced architecture and improves the general appearance of the editor. The migration from WPTools 5 or 6 to WPTools 8 was made as easy as possible.The WPTools data model supports a separation between data and editing logic. This makes it possible to attach multiple editors to one text object in order to view different parts of the same text. This feature can be used to create a split view of the same text or, even more interesting, to link different editors to specific pages. This feature can also be used to edit text paths in DTP applications. Further more it is possible to use a single editor with different documents which can be switched.

WPTools 8 allows to create very modern looking applicatins, even with Delphi 5.

To learn about the new RTF Engine please browse to the class TParagraph which contains much of the functionality.

The class TWPRTFDataCursor is resposible for cursor movement, selection etc - although the memo control offers the usual procedcures as well.Of equal importance is the TWPRTFDataCollection which actually hosts all parts of one document, such as the body text and all header and footer text. The text parts are stored in collection items of the class TWPRTFDataBlock.The concept allows it that several TWPRichText (inherits of TWPCustomRtfEdit) memo objects use the same TWPRTFDataCollection. Normally you will use the TWPRTFStorage component to initialized the connected memo objects. The same class can be also used to create a chain of editors with each editor showing a different page of the document (text path).

The label control TWPRichTextLabel which is included in WPTools 7 is very powerful, too. It can be used whenever you need to display formatted text and need a control, which does not require a windows handle.

WPTools also includes a TWPPreview component which will display the text which is loaded by a different TWPRichText memo control. It also includes a very powerful preview dialog (TWPPreviewDlg). The support for paragraph styles is very powerful and ready to use, due to the included dialogs TWPOneStyleDlg and TWPStyleDlg.

If you need to create an editor quickly or need a template to start with, check out the data module TWPDefAct and the form TWPToolsEditor.

We tried to make WPTools 7 version as backward to V4 and also future compatible possible as possible - so the popular procedure FastAddTable has been included in two versions, one using pointersm the other using dynamic arrays. Please check out the examples to learn more about the Version 6 flavour of the "Fast" procedures. The function InputField had to be changed since the field logic was updated to provide better compatibility with RTF code.

Main data object classes in WPTools:

Info: if you develop in .NET or if you need an ActiveX text control please check out our product TextDynamic. It has been optimized for .NET and provides many features of WPTools and some unique features under as .NET or ActiveX control. We also make RTF2PDF TextDynamic Server - it has similar features and API as TextDynamic to be used with ASP and background processes.

Copyright(C) 2004-2017 by WPCubedAll rights reserved.web: http://www.wpcubed.comemail: [email protected]

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